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Welcome to O’ahu – Come Together and Experience the Heart of Hawaii

The Island of O’ahu is the official torchbearer of the State of Hawai’i. Home to Honolulu, the capital city, she is simultaneously many things to her many visitors, astonishing them all with the most perfect examples of whatever it is they seek. From the beauty of her forests to the hustle and bustle of city-life, or from the crashing waves on her many golden beaches, to the crisp coolness of her mountain air, she is one and all to all those who come to her looking for the promise of plenty. She truly is the heart of these islands, beating to the beat of a different drum, echoing the sound in your heart with every pulsating thump. Come feel the Heart of Hawai’i beating, just for you, and experience the divine rhythms of paradise.


Things to do in O’ahu
  • Oahu Beaches
  • Oahu Water Activities
  • Oahu Land Activities
  • Oahu Walks
  • Oahu Hiking
  • Oahu Arts, History and Culture
  • Oahu Parks and Gardens
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About Us

About Us

About us We’ve been serving travelers to Hawaii since 2005 and we know the islands. Cheap Travel Hawaii LLC is a registered Travel Agency in the state of Hawaii. We are registered with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs – TAR License number 6214.
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